Sunday, November 20, 2011

Interview Porduction Notes

While I've filmed videos sporadically in the past, I've done something over the past number of weeks that I've never done before: edit my own video interview. I felt the first step was to choose something simple to question my partner, Andrew Rice, about. After giving it some thought, I chose my topic to be about the most difficult challenge Andrew had faced in his life. It was a solid choice for an interview, but therein was the problem: how would I convey that idea in video? At that point, I felt like I hardly had any plan at all. But thanks to a simple, brief discussion with my instructor on video ideas, such as filming my subject while he was in contemplation, things slowly began to fall into place. Filming my subject was simple enough as it was something I had done before, and even editing the video became simple as I became more and more accustomed with using the editing program. However, because it felt so simple, I began to feel as though I wasn't putting as much effort into the project as I felt I should have been doing; unlike my video, which had no background music and sounded in a way that made it seem clear to me that I had cut things out sloppily, everyone else's videos were more smoothly edited, like professionals. But by that time, I had already cobbled together a full video, and even managed to upload it in my free time days before I was supposed to while following the directions of another instructor who happened to be in the room. I didn't feel all that confident by the time I was chosen to show my video to the class, but I felt uplifted when the audience saw past how crude and simple the video looked in comparison to the others and gave it good reception. It's that feeling of fulfillment that I wish to experience again, so if I were given another opportunity to make a new video, I would. But because of the lack of confidence that I had felt, I now feel that it requires much more work (and more than luck) to make a good video.

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